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Mail Day #4 – Leaf Lovin’

Well, despite the poor performance over the last week and a bit from my Leafs, I had to show off the two mailers that showed up today…one is for the Keith Aulie collection, while the other was just a “random Leaf” pickup in an easy trade over on Hobby Insider. On to the show…

First up is my very first Aulie printing plate…and from the top-tier Panini release of 2010/11 no less. Panini does up their plates much differently than Upper Deck, for sure…they mount the plate to a “patch-thickness” card that actually has the back of the actual card on the reverse…take a look:

10/11 Dominion Printing Plate (Blue) 1/1

10/11 Dominion Printing Plate (Blue) 1/1

10/11 Dominion Printing Plate (Blue) 1/1 (Back)

10/11 Dominion Printing Plate (Blue) 1/1 (Back)

Then, as I said, in a random trade, I picked up this Joe Colborne addition from this year’s Crown Royale. I typically don’t go outside my own PC guys, so this is very odd for me, but the /75 print run and the autograph in red ink made me do it! Not sure if the red is unique or not, as I haven’t had time to really look around, but who cares? I like it!

11/12 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Jsy/ Auto /75

11/12 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Jsy/ Auto /75


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Mail Day #3…Keith Aulie

Well, I’m multi-tasking here at home today…had to go for a follow-up x-ray on my ankle (broke it playing hockey back on January 6th)…the good news there is, I can start walking again…even without the air cast a bit…will be nice to not have to rely on crutches 24/7 now! With that done, I’m also working from home today instead of wasting time driving to the office. I’m also trying to list some of the 1,200+ cards I just received yesterday to get some of that out of the way!

For now, though, let’s focus on another of my player collections – this time, back to hockey…another Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman that has a lot of promise (despite that last game against the Canucks and being re-assigned to the Marlies). He’s big, strong and (usually) smart with the puck. It will be interesting to see where he fits in with the excess defence that the Leafs have right now…who knows, this could be a short-lived collection for me LOL.

I figured I would start off with a “rainbow” of sorts from last season – Aulie’s Rookie year – and make it one of my favourite sets despite it being a low-end release every year. Of course, it’s the old staple – O-Pee-Chee. I don’t know why, but I love OPC every year. It’s a fun set for the boys and I to put together, and there’s enough inserts and parallels to make it interesting, without going overboard (a la Artifacts). The retro design seems to get a different look each year, after being introduced in the 08/09 release (featuring the famous 79/80 design), and is a popular set for many collectors to put together. On top of that, we now have foil “Rainbow” parallels and serial numbered “Black-Bordered Rainbow” parallels (#’d /100) to chase down, making some even tougher sets to build if one is so inclined.

Here are my 2010/11 O-Pee-Chee Keith Aulie Rookie Cards for your viewing pleasure. Since Aulie was later in the season to debut, his OPC RC’s were actually part of an “update” set that came randomly inserted in 2011/12 OPC boxes…

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