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Current active listings in the eBay store

I thought I’d put a link to current listings…I will offer a minimum 25% discount if purchased through here or the forums. If you would like to purchase something here, just add a comment to the post, and I’ll be notified!


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Weird Find of the Day #2

Today’s find (while cleaning up the desk some more…in preparation for H&P later this week) uncovered an interesting item that I won in a contest over on NonSportsCardForum a long time ago.

This is obviously a sketch of Harry Potter, but I have no idea who the artist is at all…if anyone reading this recognizes the signature (blown up in the 2nd image), please leave a comment as I’d just be curious who drew it. I have put the item up in my eBay store as nobody in the house really collects Harry Potter stuff, so I figured it’s better off in a proper collection.

Any thoughts or comments on it are invited and appreciated.

Harry Potter Sketch 1/1

Harry Potter Sketch

Signature of artist

Artist's Signature

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Mail Day #2 – Tomas Kaberle Stanley Cup Tribute

Looking through the recent Kaberle mail that’s come in, I was trying to decide what to feature today…then it came to me. Why not celebrate the fact that my favourite player finally has his name on the Lord Stanley’s Cup (even if he didn’t win it on my team)!

Just a couple cards to show…the first one is the Day With The Cup insert from Upper Deck Series 1…I was surprised at how “all-over” the pricing was on this one…I didn’t bust any Series 1 this year, so not sure how the odds were at pulling one of these inserts, but I just couldn’t see paying $50-$80 for a “regular-looking” insert! I ended up getting this one in a great trade with Hobby Insider member richkulach.

11/12 UD Series 1 "Day with the Cup" DC2

11/12 UD Series 1 "Day with the Cup" DC2


The next one is my favourite from an “aesthetics” point of view, for sure…I have a soft spot for acetate cards…not sure why – I just love it when an insert is clear LOL. This one was definitely easier to get at a decent price…ended up with this one for $16.76 delivered off of eBay, so was quite happy.

11/12 UD Black Diamond "Championship Ring Bearers" CRB-15

11/12 UD Black Diamond "Championship Ring Bearers" CRB-15

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look…for my next player mail day post I’ll see what I can dig up on Mr. Aulie (despite him having his worst game ever as a Leaf last night against the Canucks).


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