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Is Jaroslav Halak a collector of his own cards?

I always get a kick out of selling a card or two to family members of NHL players…usually it’s a sibling or parent picking up cards, and understandably so. I typically shoot a personal message asking if the person is related, and usually get a response back explaining yes or no 🙂

I have sold cards to the Stuart brothers’ dad, Brandon Dubinsky’s dad, Cheechoo’s family and countless others, and I just find it kind of cool.

Today, however, I had something happen for the first time…this card below of Jaroslav Halak sold…now that would not be anything interesting…however, when I went to print the label, it is being SHIPPED to Jaroslav! 🙂

Jaroslav Halak 09/10 H&P All-Star Legends

Jaroslav Halak 09/10 H&P All-Star Legends


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Sorry, I’ve been busy bustin’…

Just finished up the case (20-boxes) of ITG Heroes & Prospects, and as usual, it’s a great product!

Tons of autographs and memorabilia…just getting them listed on the store, and then I’ll show off some of the more interesting stuff!

Here’s just a little teaser…a 1/1 🙂

11/12 ITG H&P Top Prospects Complete Letter

11/12 ITG H&P Top Prospects Complete Letter

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Gotta love Dr. Price’s Design Team!

One thing I have to say before I get to the meat of this post…as much as I’ve loved the insert designs in Heroes & Prospects in the past from In The Game, the base has always been lacking in design inspiration (sorry Dr. Price) in my opinion. That, however, has rarely stopped me from picking up a case or two as, despite my feelings on the base set, H&P has consistently delivered pretty darn good value.

Fast forward to next week, though…take a look at the sample base card of Brayden Schenn below…if this is what’s going to be in my cases next week, then I wanted to give full kudos to the ITG design team!

11/12 ITG H&P Base Card Design "INSPIRED"

11/12 ITG H&P Base Card Design

Gone is that bland, “retro-style” beige card that we’ve seen only slightly changed over the last few years, and in its place is…WOW…a completely re-energized design in the 2011/12 release that “oozes” freshness, yet still has that hint of retro that Heroes & Prospects seems to be built on. It is like someone on the design team at ITG said “OK…it’s time for something new and exciting. Show me something that’s pours some energy back into this franchise”, and then they got it!

To top it all off, Dr. Price has stated on his blog that the base set will be upped from 150 cards to 200 cards. That just put me over the top when I read that one.

I’m sure I’m not the only one watching that countdown timer on the right of my site waiting impatiently for the Canpar truck to arrive (or Puro, or UPS, or…)…


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