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Is Jaroslav Halak a collector of his own cards?

I always get a kick out of selling a card or two to family members of NHL players…usually it’s a sibling or parent picking up cards, and understandably so. I typically shoot a personal message asking if the person is related, and usually get a response back explaining yes or no 🙂

I have sold cards to the Stuart brothers’ dad, Brandon Dubinsky’s dad, Cheechoo’s family and countless others, and I just find it kind of cool.

Today, however, I had something happen for the first time…this card below of Jaroslav Halak sold…now that would not be anything interesting…however, when I went to print the label, it is being SHIPPED to Jaroslav! 🙂

Jaroslav Halak 09/10 H&P All-Star Legends

Jaroslav Halak 09/10 H&P All-Star Legends


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