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Mail Day #6 – Tomas Kaberle on Black Ice!

Well, Score has been out now for, what, about six months? I had no trouble (as was to be expected) setting aside a base and a glossy parallel from my own case breaks back at launch, and even procured a gold parallel relatively quick via eBay. I was starting to wonder, though, if I was ever going to see the Black Ice parallel. These were only seeded one per case (as per Panini’s notes, anyway), and I only managed one in my two cases, so I think they’re a tad rarer than you may expect.

Fast forward all the way to March 7th and I managed to find one at auction…which I won quite handily for under $10 delivered ($8.00 total in fact)!

Now I just have to get my act together and get my 2011/12 section of my Tomas Kaberle collection updated!

2011/12 Score Black Ice

2011/12 Score Black Ice

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Busy couple of weeks at work!

Sorry for the sparse hobby-related posts the past couple of weeks…it’s that time of year at work where annual employee reviews are being worked on. I have eight staff to work on, and our company makes it quite a process for sure. I actually don’t mind the whole activity…I like being able to sit down one-on-one with each person and go through what they feel they did well (and poorly) and then compare to where I feel their strengths and weaknesses are.

While the preparation and working on reviews takes the better part of a month, and nothing else stops in the day-to-day business, it’s a necessary part of everyone’s work “existence” and hopefully everyone gets something out of this, like I do!

Hopefully this week I will have a few Kaberle additions to show off…maybe even a couple of rare, harder-to-get cards… 🙂

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Thoughts on Player Collecting

I got a private message this morning over on Hobby Insider from another member there that I thought could make for an interesting topic for today’s post. They were asking me how I’d found my experiences in trying to amass a collection of a specific player. More specifically, the question was (and this is paraphrased):

Have you ever been frustrated trying to land a very low-print-run card – especially if it has multiple players on it?

I can only answer this with my experience, and it could be very different from someone collecting a “more popular” player. My two hockey “player” collections are of two defencemen that never get a ton of hockey love (in Aulie’s case maybe it’s just a “not yet” scenario), so when it comes to Kaberle cards, I’m typically “that guy” that the few other Kaberle collectors get frustrated with, as they know if it’s, say, a /5 or lower print run, I’ll likely pull out all stops and bid high (or offer high, if it’s not an auction). So maybe I was the wrong guy to ask that question to 🙂

From a different view, though, my competition on Kaberle and Aulie cards is pretty limited compared to, say, someone collecting Rick Nash (notice how I used the soon-to-be-Leaf there?) or Alex Ovechkin. There’s a lot more collectors out there chasing the high-end/ low-print-run stuff there with deep pockets.

The other thing that has really limited my frustration on the Kaberle chase is the fact he hasn’t had very many cards featuring other players. I can think of only a couple examples…the 10/11 Artifacts Tundra Trios card that featured J-S Giguere, Phil Kessel and Tomas Kaberle, and, of course, the 09/10 Cup Dual Shield with Phil Kessel and Tomas Kaberle. Of course there’s to be some competition and frustration on these, as I’m sure a few of these, I’ve been up against a much larger audience of Giguere and Kessel collectors. I consider this as part of the fun, though.

My main frustration, if you can call it that, comes from when I’m trying to deal with a seller on a 1/1 and I think I’m offering a very fair (more than fair in most cases) price on it, but I get no movement as they feel any 1/1 should sell for the price of a Crosby 1/1 or something.

I know that many player collectors of Montreal players find that there are a few guys (or gals) out there with ridiculously deep pockets, and all I can suggest is land the ones you can but if you’re consistently being outbid on the high-end stuff, don’t put all your focus into those…focus on the products you can realistically land. I’ve walked away from a couple of 1/1 Kaberle cards that I just felt that it wasn’t right spending the amount the seller wanted. In one case they came back to me a few months later and we agreed on a better price.

Sometimes you have to avoid getting frustrated and say to yourself…

This one just isn’t in the cards.



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Mail Day #2 – Tomas Kaberle Stanley Cup Tribute

Looking through the recent Kaberle mail that’s come in, I was trying to decide what to feature today…then it came to me. Why not celebrate the fact that my favourite player finally has his name on the Lord Stanley’s Cup (even if he didn’t win it on my team)!

Just a couple cards to show…the first one is the Day With The Cup insert from Upper Deck Series 1…I was surprised at how “all-over” the pricing was on this one…I didn’t bust any Series 1 this year, so not sure how the odds were at pulling one of these inserts, but I just couldn’t see paying $50-$80 for a “regular-looking” insert! I ended up getting this one in a great trade with Hobby Insider member richkulach.

11/12 UD Series 1 "Day with the Cup" DC2

11/12 UD Series 1 "Day with the Cup" DC2


The next one is my favourite from an “aesthetics” point of view, for sure…I have a soft spot for acetate cards…not sure why – I just love it when an insert is clear LOL. This one was definitely easier to get at a decent price…ended up with this one for $16.76 delivered off of eBay, so was quite happy.

11/12 UD Black Diamond "Championship Ring Bearers" CRB-15

11/12 UD Black Diamond "Championship Ring Bearers" CRB-15

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look…for my next player mail day post I’ll see what I can dig up on Mr. Aulie (despite him having his worst game ever as a Leaf last night against the Canucks).


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Weird Find of the Day #1

OK here’s another post category…this item I just found as I was cleaning up the hutch of my desk in the home office…I have absolutely no idea where it came from…likely a team-issued promo…the back has the Leafs logo embossed and it does say 2002/ 2003 at the bottom.

If anyone can shed some light on where this came from, it would be appreciated…it’s staying in the Kaberle collection…over in the “weird item” storage area 🙂

02/03 Leafs Kaberle Pin

02/ 03 Leafs Kaberle Pin (??)


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My First NHL Shield Card

This is long overdue, as this arrived quite a while ago, but back in early January a bubble mailer arrived via Registered Mail that I knew was something worth the price I paid! For the longest time, I’d seen this card on the 2009/2010 Cup Checklist, but had never seen it surface, so of course I wondered if it had ever even been made. Even asking UD staff on hobby forums never got me an answer…but I got my answer between Christmas and New Year’s when I was doing one of my daily “Kaberle” searches…the 09/10 Dual NHL Shields Kessel-Kaberle had, in fact, been made, and it was now being sold on eBay!!

Knowing that there are some pretty hard-core Kessel collectors out there, I had to wait and set a price I was willing to pay and be patient…wasn’t sure how high it would go. I also don’t have a ton of experience on these rare items, as my main players had never had one up until this one. Anyway, I set my price limit in my mind, and then went and set my snipe bid. All I had to do, then, was wait a few days to see what happened.

Well, without further adieu…it’s obvious that I did win it (and a few bucks under my limit), so here it is…the cornerstone of my collection now (it slightly edges my 1/1 RC parallel that I’ll show in another post)!

Enjoy the scans, and comments are always welcome!

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK COA (Back)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK COA (Back)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK COA (Back)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK COA (Back)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields Kessel-Kaberle (Front)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK (Front)

09/10 The Cup Dual Shields Kessel-Kaberle (Back)
09/10 The Cup Dual Shields DS-KK (Back)

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