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Special Long-Term Project – Topps Blue Jays

Back in the winter, I decided to work on a card project that (a) I was interested in, and (b) wouldn’t be done in a week. Seeing as how the family has gotten back into watching and following the Toronto Blue Jays over the last couple of years, I came up with something fun, and not overly onerous on the wallet and time. I would compile a binder of Topps (regular – i.e. Series 1, Series 2, Update, Traded) Blue Jays team sets for every year the team has had baseball cards.

Now, I know I could just go and buy all the team sets out there off of eBay in one shot, but that kind of makes my “point (b)” above kind of moot doesn’t it? I have been taking my time and starting at the beginning, just getting one year at a time. I didn’t start following the Blue Jays, myself until probably ’87 or ’88, so seeing these teams from the ’70s is kind of fun, reading the backs of the cards and learning about those very first Jays teams!

So right now, I’m putting them all in pages, by year, and hope to have some sort of title sheet in a protector page as well for each year, with a nice high-resolution logo from the team that year (if anyone knows where I could find the logos from each year in high rez, that would be appreciated), and compiling them into a large binder.

Here is what the 1977 team looks like:

1977 Blue Jays Set - Page 1

1977 Blue Jays - Page 2

1977 Blue Jays - Page 3

Right now, I’m up to 1983 and just need to find some time to get them in the pages and then start designing my yearly “cover” pages for each team year.

Has anyone else worked on a team lineage project like this before? How did you enjoy it? What was it that kept you interested in it? For me, I think, it’s learning about players I had no clue about, and seeing some earlier cards of guys I did follow in the later ’80s.


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Mail Day #1…Brett Lawrie Style

Well, I thought that even though this is far from my first mail day, it’s the first one since the start of KKC (yep, I’ve already shortened the blog name in posts LOL). Last year, I really got back into watching the Jays. I’ll be honest, my wife and I had fallen off the band wagon after the lockout. Before that, we were always at games…we had a share in season tickets when you were lucky to get up in the 5th deck nosebleed area, and we were happy to be there (despite some wicked weekend sunburns on my part)! The first game that Brett Lawrie was called up, our household took a real liking to him, and we hadn’t even realized he was Canadian at that point! The heart, the hustle, the desire to be in the big leagues showed through big-time with Brett…the fans love him; he seemed to fit right in with his team-mates and when you look at this stats for his rookie season, well, they aren’t too shabby…

43 Games…150 At-Bats…9 HRs…25 RBIs…and a .293 Average

Hopefully this kid is a Blue Jay for a long time…and the way the management of our team has turned around over the past couple of years, it looks hopeful that we’ll see #13 at third base for years to come.

During the off-season I decided that maybe I’d go after a few Lawrie cards of my own…here is the meager start to that quest…I should probably try to snag a few more before the 2012 season starts, so that I’m not paying premium prices if he continues this season where he left off 2011…enjoy the quick show…if there’s one thing to say about Bowman Chrome cards, they do make for colourful mail days…

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green X-Fractors BCP-175

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green X-Fractors BCP-175

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors BCP-175 /799

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors BCP-175 /799
2011 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks BCT-12

2011 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks BCT-12

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